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molecular model

Clear molecular model

molecular model of tourmaline



We design, build and supply premium quality ball and spoke molecular models for museum displays, presentations, education and legal cases. Most of the molecular models and crystal structure models that we make are designed at a scale of 1cm=1Å (“Beevers’ Models”™), but we work at other scales, with other ball sizes, including our giant molecular models), and with other materials (acrylic, brass, aluminium, silver) The accuracy and compactness of our system allows our model range to extend over the complete spectrum of 3-dimensional structures in Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Physics and Mathematics. Our product range includes crystal structures, biological, physical, mathematical and crystallographic teaching models.

We have an extensive range of designs for molecular models, but if the model that you want is not in our catalogue, we will still be able to make your structure, whatever its size - all we need are the crystallographic details or node coordinates. By the nature of the molecular models that we make, they don’t readily lend themselves to being sold as kits, although kits can be supplied on request. Examples of our models can be seen throughout our web-site. Click on the links at the left to find out more about our products, search our catalogue, or to inquire about having us make a model of your structure.



Crystal planes model








Giant molecular model


high quality illuminated molecular model


3d printed protein model