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All the Beevers models are built from spheres of acrylic plastic, which are joined by polished stainless steel rods. The scale is 1cm = 1, a magnification of 100 million (The scale for protein models is normally 1cm= 2).  Models on this scale are suitable for crystal structures, mineral models, geological models and molecular models, as they provide excellent detail without resulting in models that are still small enough to handle.

Our giant models have a range of scales up to approximately 20cm=1 and are dealt with elsewhere on the website. We can make scientific models and molecular models at any practical scale.

The model's description in the price list includes a number (e.g. 276-20-428) which indicates the number of large balls (non-hydrogen atoms), small balls (hydrogen) and rods in each model, and gives some idea of the size and contents of the model.

The colours of large balls are as indicated in the colour chart, unless the colour combination is obviously unsuitable or the customer requests alternatives.

molecular model of riebeckite

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