Molecular models, crystal structure models and mineral structures


We design, build and sell beautiful premium quality ball and stick molecular and crystal structure models for teaching, museum displays, presentations, awards, legal cases and for anyone who just wants a stunning scientific model.


Molecular Models are a vital and engaging part of education in chemistry, and a useful tool for demonstrating concepts and materials to colleagues and customers.  They provide a wonderfully tangible, tactile and interactive way to demonstrate the relation between molecular structure and chemical function that cannot be replicated with, for example, computer imaging. Likewise, they perfectly illustrate the relation between mineral structures and physical or chemical properties. Whatever you need them for, our models simply look stunning, and enhance any office or laboratory.


Crystal structure model of diopside mineral
Molecular and crystal structure Models

A girl sitting with a giant molecular model on a grass lawn
Giant models


Examples of our work can be seen throughout our website. Please use the links above to find out more about our products, search our catalogue, or to inquire about having us make a model of your structure.


We hope you enjoy looking round our website and seeing the quality and variety of stunning molecular models and crystal structure models that we make. To buy models from us, or to discuss what you would like made, please either complete the order form or the contact form, or email us at sales@miramodus.com




molecular models of primitive unit cells with acrylic lattice planes
Models for crystallography