Miramodus Molecular Models


Molecular models are a vital and engaging part of education in chemistry, and a useful tool in demonstrating new materials to colleagues or customers.  They provide a wonderfully tangible way to demonstrate the relation between molecular structure and chemical function.

We design, build and supply beautiful premium quality ball and stick models for education, museum displays, presentations, awards and legal cases.

Our Pre-constructed Models

Pre-constructed ball and stick molecular models comprise the majority of our work, and represent some of the finest crystal structure models that can be purchased.  We have the widest range of scales of molecular models in the world, ranging from a scale of 1cm=1Å (“Beevers’ Models”™) through to our giant molecular models at a scale of 20cm=1Å or greater.  We also work with a wide range of materials to suit your purpose and your budget.  We have made molecular and crystal structure models in acrylic, phenolic resin, wood, brass, aluminium, silver and a host of other materials.
The accuracy and compactness of our Beevers’ Models™ system allows our model range to extend over the complete spectrum of 3-dimensional structures in Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Physics and Mathematics.  Our huge list of models includes crystal structure models, biological, physical, mathematical and crystallographic teaching models. We also make an extensive range of molecular models (i.e. literally, models of molecules) - or any model you want to order.  Even if the model that you want is not in our catalogue, we will still be able to make your structure, whatever its size - all we need are the crystallographic details or node coordinates. 

Molecular Model Kits

Because our models are largely designed for display or teaching specific crystallographic or structural concepts, they are not the sort that you can take apart and rebuild, and so we don't make molecular models like other manufaturers do. By their nature, therefore, our Beevers models don’t readily lend themselves to being sold as kits. That being said, kits for any of our models can be supplied on request (as long as you are aware that they are not as easy to put together as most people expect). We do, however, make kits for our giant molecular models and large molecular models. These are fantastic for teaching, for museum activities and for fun activities.

Examples of our models can be seen throughout our web-site. Please use the links above to find out more about our products, search our catalogue, or to inquire about having us make a model of your structure.




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