Custom Builds

Whether you want models for awards or presentations, science fair models, or models for educational or research use, we can build a model of any structure to your specifications.  Our standard requirements are: space group, cell dimensions and atomic parameters, either by e-mail or through a reference to a published structure. For protein structures, we prefer the data in PDB format.  In cases such as polymers, where no experimentally measured structure exists, we can still build models using theoretical or idealised bond angles and lengths.

The time involved varies - we can usually send small molecules in a week, full cell models from the catalogue in three to four weeks, new full cell models in five to six weeks and protein models in six to eight weeks.

As we rely on a small team of specialists for the most complex models, the lead time can depend on the time of year and how busy we are. We normally give a better idea of delivery times when we get the order.  If there is a great need for the model for a particular deadline (PhD viva, presentation, etc) we try to oblige.




There are obvious custom builds, such as molecules made in your company’s colour scheme, but let your imagination run free. 

You may want something extra special.  Models have been using precious metals (for example, the CCP structure of elemental silver built with silver) or built as normal but finished with chrome plating.  You tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Rubrene unit cell

Large model of ATP, alongside one of our standard models

Some common crystallographic planes

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