Delivery costs


Delivery costs are difficult to estimate in advance for most of our models as they are subject to variation by the various delivery companies that we use. Our delivery costs are charged only at what the delivery company charges us and we always try to get you the best option for your needs. Unless a model was required urgently, it would be hard to justify a £35 courier delivery cost on a £20 model, for example.


In general, you have the option of either surface mail (UK only), air mail or courier delivery.



Surface mail

This is appropriate for smaller items delivered within the UK. Items are normally sent by special delivery (next day by 1pm) with the appropriate insurance level. Costs depend on the weight of the item, and the amount insured, but normally range between £6.60 and £12.00 (up to 2kg).


Air mail

Air mail is preferred for small, low-cost orders outside the UK. Items are normally sent by Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed service. Costs vary by weight and country and the delivery time target is between 6 and 10 working days.


mail posting zones



International air mail costs
Weight / g Europe Zone 1 Zone 2
250 £9.35 £10.55 £10.90
500 £10.95 £13.50 £14.00
750 £12.05 £15.80 £16.50
1000 £12.85 £17.80 £18.60
1250 £13.50 £18.45 £19.55
1500 £14.35 £19.35 £20.75
1750 £14.70 £20.10 £21.70
2000 £14.90 £20.35 £22.20



Courier delivery is often faster and, for larger items, the most cost-effective way to send items. Delivery to most parts of the world is completed within 1-3 days and the items can be fully tracked en route. Unlike mail services, courier services are charged by the volume of the package, so we do our best to minimise the volume of your parcel whilst ensuring that it is protected against damage. There are so many variables in calculating courier costs, we can only provide indicative costs here. The actual costs depend on the exact country and town where the delivery is to be made. Although these costs appear very hgh, bear in mind that the cost of delivery is normally a relatively small proportion of the value of an order required to fill these volumes.


size / cm Europe USA/Canada Africa S. America Oceania Asia
20x20x20 £25 £35 £60 £45 £40 £36
30x30x30 £30 £40 £80 £60 £50 £44
40x40x40 £35 £60 £110 £90 £75 £62
50x50x50 £45 £90 £180 £140 £120 £95
60x60x60 £50 £140 £310 £220 £170 £140



Whilst damage to our goods in transit remains unusual, the rapid growth of courier deliveries and aggressive price competition between companies has resulted (at least in our experience) in less care being taken and a corresponding increase in the number of damaged items by all courier companies. We strongly recommend that you allow us to purchase insurance for the delivery (again, we only charge this at cost).