A molecular model of an inorganic complex on a transparent acrylic base




A molecular model of a simple metal coordination compound on a clear acrylic base



Molecular model of an endo-lanthanum C60 fullerene


Inorganic Molecular Models



If you have completed months, or even years, synthesising and studying an inorganic complex, or if you have a guest speaker that you want to give something special to, what better way than with one of our inorganic molecular models?

The models can, as show here, be mounted on a perspex base (clear, black, or any colour of your choosing), a wooden base, or stone base (granite, slate, limestone). We can include larger balls to emphasise the metal atoms, add inscribed metal plaques to commemorate the occasion, and we can provide presentation boxes to present them with.
All we require from you are the coordinates of the complex (cif, xyz, pdb, or any other common crystallographic file format), and a list of what you want in your model. Typically, you should allow two weeks for us to make up a relatively small, uncomplicated model, depending on our workload at the time, but we can turn models around in less time if necessary.




A ball and stick model of a polymeric coordination compound on a black acrylic base


A model of a uranium dimer compound on a transparent base




A ball and stick molecular model of a symmetrical metal complex on a granite base



A model of a cerocene (Ce(cot)2) molecule on a clear base