Colours used in our molecular models

Our standard scale (1cm=1Å) molecular models and crystal stucture models are made using the standard colours indicated in the periodic table below.  To provide some differentiation in the models, metals are represented by transparent coloured balls, while semiconductors and non-metals are represented by opaque colours. We routinely make substitutions where a model would be confusing in these colours (Potassium oxide or lead selenide, for example),
We’re also happy to change the colours to suit your chosen colour scheme.  Molecular models for displaye that are illuminated by backlighting look particularly dramatic and beautiful when made entirely in transparent colours.
The range of colours available is shown in the table below the periodic table. Larger balls in a variety of colours may be used, for example, to emphasise the metal atoms in a metallo-organic compound and are readily available on request.

whiteballH                                 White ball He
red transparent ball Li clear ball Be                     Orange ball B Black ball C Pale blue ball N Opaque red ball O Green ball F White ball Ne
red transparent ballNa red transparent ballMg                     Amethyst ballAl Brown ball Si Llilac ball P Yellow ball S Green ballCl White ballAr
red transparent ballK red transparent ballCa topaz ball Sc topaz ballTi topaz ballV topaz ballCr topaz ballMn topaz ballFe topaz ballCo topaz ballNi topaz ballCu clear ballZn Amethyst ball Ga transparent orange ball Ge Pink ball As Orange ball Se Turquoise ball Br White ballKr
red transparent ballRb red transparent ballSr Emerald ball Y Emerald ballZr Emerald ballNb Emerald ballMo Emerald ballTc Emerald ballRu Emerald ballRh Emerald ballPd Emerald ballAg clear ballCd Amethyst ballIn transparent orange ballSn transparent orange ballSb Orange ballTe royal blue ball I White ballXe
red transparent ballCs red transparent ballBa sapphire ball La sapphire ballHf sapphire ballTa sapphire ballW sapphire ballRe sapphire ballOs sapphire ballIr sapphire ballPt sapphire ballAu clear ball Hg Amethyst ballTl transparent orange ballPb transparent orange ballBi transparent orange ballPo royal blue ballAs White ballRn
red transparent ballFr red transparent ballRa sapphire ballAc                              



Range of ball colours routinely available.


Transparent colours



transparent orange ball

topaz ball
Emerald ball
sapphire ball

Amethyst ball


Opaque colours White ball
Opaque red ball
Orange ball
Yellow ball
Green ball
Turquoise ball
Pale blue ball
Light blue
royal blue ball
Royal Blue
  Llilac ball
Pink ball
Brown ball
Black ball


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