Transparent perspex molecular model

Perspex molecular model


Clear transparent molecular models

Because the balls in these molecular models are clear acrylic, the distinction between atom types is lost, but to concern yourself with that is to ignore the purpose of these models.

The balls representing the atoms are totally transparent, as are the bonds. The joins are seamless and virtually invisible, and they become an excellent medium for conveying the purity of a product. Alternatively, they can be used as a simple, abstract, depiction of a molecule. These models are not a fragile or hazardous as glass models, and are a fraction of the cost. Yet in photographs they are, for most practical purposes, totally indistinguishable. They are perfect for advertising photographs, for displays and for awards - what you use them for is up to you.


We can makes these models in just about any size. Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.       


Perspex molecular model

One of our models in Good Housekeeping Magazine (April 2015)