Molecular model of diopside mineral




Giant molecular model



Clear perspex molecular model of testosterone


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Miramodus Molecular Models is a small business with a correspondingly small team of skilled and experienced model builders, which gives us tremendous flexibility in what we can build for you. We aim to provide you with the best quality accurate models of your three dimensional molecular and crystal structures. We very much welcome you contacting us to discuss your needs - we enjoy what we do, and new challenges are always interesting for us. Indeed - many of the most interesting extra features that we now offer started off in a discussion with a customer who wanted to know if we could do something interesting for them. Your requirement doesn't need to be anything exotic - a request for something as simple as a structures that we haven't previously made, almost always benefits from some discussion about what it is you want from the model and (to be pragmatic) what your budget is like.

Our team includes former academics with experience in the biological, chemical and physical sciences, a mathematician and skilled model builders. We also have access to some highly skilled electronics experience. So, whatever you want built, we almost certainly have the experience to understand your needs and the ability to make it. If we haven't previously built what you want, we will be able to work out a way to do it. When we started out many years ago, we only made Beevers models on a 1cm=1Å scale, but since then we have developed large models, giant models and models with a variety of unusual or interesting features.


Molecular model of thermolysin





detail of a molecular model of tourmaline





Cerocene molecular model