Molecular model with illuminated base
Illumination in a wooden base


Molecular model of rubrene with unit cell
Inclusion of an accentuated unit cell into a large organic molecule


Cerocene molecular model
Central atom of a complex highlighted with larger ball



Molecular models with extra features


Molecular models and crystal structure models by themselves are both educational and objects of beauty, but sometimes you will want to lift them to new levels either to illustrate certain aspects of the crystal structure, or simply to make them into something special. The images on this page illustrate just a few features that we can add to your models to make them stand out. Example features include, but are certainly not limited to:


• Extra large sizes of models (effectively without limit)
 Perspex, wood or stone bases
 Inclusion and highlighting of unit cell boundaries
• Magnetic removable / replaceable atoms
 Magnetic base to allow model removal from display
 Metallisation of models
• Inclusion of lattice planes
• Illumination in the base
• Turntable display
• Abstract depiction of space groups
• Models made from perspex, brass or other metals


Simply contact us to discuss your requirements - if we haven't already done it before, we'll find a way to do it.


l'oreal display with gold molecular model

Metallised models, giving the appearance of solid gold


Molecular model of thermolysin

Various lattice planes indicated by acrylic plates



Molecular model of space group Ia-3d

Complex space group illustrated by minimal symmetry elements


Molecular model of LiFePO4

Quite simply, just a huge model


Giant molecular model

Complex with multiple large balls on a solid granite base