Illuminated molecular model of LiCoO2







3d Printed Molecular model of thermolysin

Large model of Fluciclovine made with phenolic balls alongside one of our standard models








Large molecular models

(ball diameters between 18mm and 60mm)

When you need molecular models that are large, but not too large, we have a range of models to suit both your needs and your budget. For the highest quality molecular models with a fine finish, we use phenolic balls, similar to those used for billiards, with options for ball diameters between 18mm and 50mm, held together with polished solid aluminium rods, Phenolic balls are relatively costly, so for when you can compromise slightly on the finish to reduce the price, we use painted and lacquered hardwood wooden balls. These have the advantage that the colours can be exactly matched to your requirements. As wood is a natural material the finish is not as polished and smooth as that of phenolic balls, but this is generally only obvious on close inspection. Like the phenolic molecular models, the wooden balls are held together with polished aluminium rods, which results in beautiful molecular models and crystal strcture models that will hold their looks for many years.


Molecules with granite base

Face Centred Cubic structure model of Copper

Clear Perspex molecular model

Body centred crystal structure model of Sodium.




Brass molecular model of testosterone

Wood and aluminium crystal structure model of diamond