Giant molecular model kit on a lawn with a model of ethane

A giant molecular model kit comprising carbon tetrahedra , white bonds and hydrogen atoms





Giant molecular models made with Miramodus kits

Molecules made with one of our giant model kits. The pyrrolidinol molecule is approximately 1 metre across.






Giant Molecular Model Components



Below are example prices for the most common giant molecular model balls that we supply. We can, however, provide balls with any reasonable geometry (interbond angles are limited to approximately 25 degrees) - please contact us if what you want isn't listed below.

The balls in our giant molecular models incorporate sockets that the rods fit on to, just as with miniature model kits. Unlike most model kits, though, the contents of your set of balls and rods are entirely up to you - you only have to buy what you need to use. Tell us what colour balls you want - the balls are professionally painted to give a robust finish that will last for years and survive use. Bond lengths are cut to suit your requirements - we just need you to tell us how many bonds and what bond geometry you want for each ball and we do the rest.


Balls with only single bonds are supplied as individual units; balls with multiple bonds (C=C, C=N, C=O, etc.) are supplied only in pairs (or higher multiples in the case of, for example, allenes). Example prices are as below, but please don't hesitate to contact us via our web form or via email if you want something very specific that isn't shown.


Magnetic couplings are particularly suited to group activities involving children, whereas we normally suggest plain couplings that can be glued into position for permanent displays, and particularly for models that are to be suspended from ceilings.



Giant molecular model components
(150mm balls)



Price/ each

Standard Magnetic


(inc. bond)

Giant hydrogen atom £16.00 £16.50
Carbon (tetrahedral) Tetrahedral carbon giant molecular model atom £30.00 £32.20
Nitrogen (3-coordinate) three-ccordinate nitrogen giant molecular model atom £27.90 £29.50
Oxygen (2-coordinate) Divalent oxygen giant molecular model atom £25.60 £26.70
Halogen (1-coordinate) Halogen model atom £23.40 £24.00
Phosphorous (5-coordinate) Pentavalent phosphrous giant molecular atom £32.30 £35.00
Sulfur (6-coordinate) Hexavalent sulfur giant molecular atom £34.60 £37.70
Metal (octahedral coordination) Hexavalent octahedral metal giant molecular atom £34.60 £37.70
Alkene group Alkene group giant molecular model atom £60.20 £62.30
Carbonyl group Carbonyl group giant molecular model atom £55.70 £56.80
Imine group Imine group giant molecular model atom £53.50 £55.10
Alkyne group Alkyl group giant molecular model atom £60.20 £61.30
Bond (grey) Grey bond for giant molecular models £1.10 £3.70
Bond (white) White bond for giant molecular models £1.10 £3.70

Suspension point for hanging models

anchor point for suspending giant molecular models £5.50



A collection of giant molecular model atoms of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen with grey bonds


A set of giant molecular model atoms, comprising carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen with grey bonds





Detail of a giant molecular model


Detail of a giant molecular model