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A giant molecular model of ethanol

Giant Molecular Models for Static Displays


The majority of our giant molecular models are intended for use as static displays. The scales available are up to approximately 1Å=22cm, made using 150mm / 6" diameter balls for non-hydrogen atoms, 100mm / 4" balls for hydrogens. A model made at that scale would have a typical C-C centre-centre distance of around 30cm, and that a simple benzene ring, for example, may be over a metre across.

Our giant molecular models are great for filling large spaces with something that is chemically or commercially interesting and also dramatic and eye-catching. Even in a large foyer, you simply cannot miss a molecule whose size is measured in metres! At these sizes, though, actually maintaining the configuration of most molecules requires the models to be either mounted on supports or suspended from a ceiling, either of which we can help with. Acrylic mounting rods are one possibility, although they are relatively costly at the sizes required for a stable mounting. More commonly, we are asked to incorporate anchor points and wire assemblies into the models to allow customer to hang them from a ceiling. Furthermore, almost any additional feature that you could want can be included. Double, triple and quadruple bonds are all possible, as are attachments to show lone pairs or the delocalised pi-bonds in aromatic systems. We can incorporate lighting into the model and specific designs on individual atoms. If you want the flexibility to change your models, you can either opt for it to be made either in whole or in part using our giant molecular model kits.

Atom colours in our giant molecular models

It is a simple fact that large balls are difficult, if not practically impossible, to obtain with a good quality finish in most colours. If you can find large balls, they are almost invariably made with utility in mind, not aesthetics, so we have had to find ways to work around that. Our giant molecular models are constructed from naturally-coloured polypropylene balls. In order to get a robust good quality colour on the balls, with a glossy finish, we use an excellent local spray painting service. The result is a finish that is very close in appearance to that of the painted surfaces of a new car. A major advantage of this approach is that we can paint the balls in literally any colour you want. You can be vague in our colour descriptions ('bright red', 'royal blue', etc.), and leave the exact colour to our expertise, or you can be very specific in choosing precisely-defined colours from standard palettes (RAL, BS, Federal Standard, Pantone, etc.). We can even arrange for metallic colours or metallised finishes on the balls.

How we deliver our giant molecular models

Delivering a fully-assembled model within the UK would be extremely expensive, outside the UK the costs would be prohibitive for most customers. To keep delivery costs down, therefore, the models are normally supplied unassembled or part-assembled. Sending the models in this way makes it feasible for us to deliver them, for example, to Australia -half a world away from us.

Our suggestion is to capitalise on this necessity to deliver the models in parts. In schools and universities, the assembly process can be used to provide a wonderfully engaging way to teach molecular structure to enthusiastic students. In industrial settings, the assembly can provide a welcome diversion from work or a chance for an entertaining team-bonding exercise. If you don't have time to assemble and hang the models yourself, though, we offer an on-site assembly service within the UK and EU (we're happy to travel further afield if you're happy to pay!)

We love our giant molecular models - and they even made it onto the Christmas list of one of the Guardian newspaper's science writers.



A giant molecular model of a new drug suspended from the ceiling in a large room      Giant molecular model of the haem group from a haemoglobin protein




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A giant molecular model of benzene with pi orbitals hanging from a ceiling