Custom built molecular models


New crystal structure models and molecules

Very often, you will want a model of a structure or molecule that we've never made before. That's not problem at all to us - on the contrary, new structures are often among the most interesting that we make, not least because there is usually an interesting social or chemical story behind them.

All we need is for you to tell us what the compound is, assuming it's been published. We can usually locate the original published crystallographic data to use as a basis for a model, but, if you can send us a crystallographic file for the compound, that makes things easier for us. It also avoids any ambiguity over which data to use, when there are multiple crystallographic files for the compound in question.

Regardless of whether the compound is in our catalogue or not, you may well be happy to have it as a stand-alone object. Often, though, our customers require something extra to illustrate what they need to convey. That may be something as simple as a display base, or it may be something gmuch more complex. If you can imagine a molecular model and features that you want to accompany it, the chances are that we can build it. Simply tell us what you want, and we will do our best to help you. Many of our model types and model features that we have available now exist because, at some point, a customer asked for them, and they became part of our standard products.


Extra features

Whether or not a crystal or molecule is novel, sometimes people want extra features the emphasise one or more aspects of the structure. So, whether you want a six-foot tall molecular model of DNA, lighting in the model base or an engraved plaque on a granite base, we can do that with no problem. Among other things, we can make transparent acrylic models, brass, copper or aluminium models - even models made in precious metals or coated with metal film. Most commonly, we provide the following:


Plinths and bases


Supersized models with large numbers of atoms


Highlighting of planes and unit cells


Illumination / lighting of models


Magnets for removable models and features


Metallised (metal coated) models


In short, if you have an idea of what you want, no matter how outlandish or impractical you think it might be, talk to us. The chances are that we've either done it before, we know how to do it, or we know who to ask to find out how to do it. If you want something unusual, but don't know what you want, again, talk to us - we can almost certainly think of something that will give you what you are after. Take a look at our page of extra features that will give you a starting point for some of the things that we have done for our customers in the past.

As an friend of ours once put it:

"Our job is not to give the customer what they ask for, it's to give them what they didn't realise they could have."






Models of metal complexes on granite base

Models made with balls of differing sizes.